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Illinois Fire Jnrs-Leading the Evolution in Youth Soccer

Win a Chicago Fire Signed Ball & Shirt

To enter to win a chance to win a Chicago Fire 1st team soccer ball and shirt. 

Please Like, Share and comment that you shared our recent facebook post regarding our annual tryouts.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on June 9

More details on our annual tryouts can be found here. 

Good Luck!!!

Missed Tryouts?

Missed your tryout? Dont worry, we still have some space.

Contact Myron.king@illinoisfirejuniors.com   309-807-7870


If you have any questions regarding the tryout process or any part of our club, please let us know.

Myron King

Director Of Coaching

Phone: 309-807-7870

Chrissy Mora

Club Administrators

Direct Link

Here is the direct link to the tryout page.


2017-2018 Tryout Information

Dates for our 2017-2018 Annual Tryouts are below. All tryouts will be held at Community Fields on Ireland Grove Road. Players are expected to attend both nights of tryouts.

Players should check in at the shed on the first night. Please plan on being there approximately 20 minutes prior to the first tryout, so you can check in and get all of the paperwork taken care of.

Please pre-register for tryouts at the link to your right. You will be able to pay for the tryout too online.

We have packed this page full of details regarding our teams, tryouts etc. Please take a moment to read down to get all the information you need.

2016-2017 tryouts saw the highest number of players ever to tryout, over 550 players and some 36 travel teams offering different levels of competetive for male and female players.

2017-2018 Tryout Dates & Times

U8 & U9 BOYS & GIRLS ACADEMY 2010 & 2009 5/30 5-6.30PM 5/31 5-6.30PM
U10 BOYS 2008 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U10 GIRLS 2008 5/30 5-6.45PM 5/31 5-6.45PM
U11 BOYS 2007 6/1 5-6.45PM 6/2 5-6.45PM
U11 GIRLS 2007 6/1 5-6.45PM 6/2 5-6.45PM
U12 BOYS 2006 5/30 6.45-8.30PM 5/31 6.45-8.30PM
U12 GIRLS 2006 5/30 6.45-8.30PM 5/31 6.45-8.30PM
U13 BOYS 2005 6/1 6.45-8.30PM 6/2 6.45-8.30PM
U13 GIRLS 2005 6/1 6.45-8.30PM 6/2 6.45-8.30PM
U14 BOYS 2004 6/5 5-6.45PM 6/6 5-6.45PM
U14 GIRLS 2004 6/5 5-6.45PM 6/6 5-6.45PM
U15 BOYS 2003 6/5 6.45-8.30PM 6/6 6.45-8.30PM
U15 GIRLS 2003 6/7 5-6.45PM 6/8 5-6.45PM
U16 BOYS 2002 6/5 6.45-8.30PM 6/6 6.45-8.30PM
U16 GIRLS 2002 6/7 5-6.45PM 6/8 5-6.45PM
U17 BOYS 2001 6/5 6.45-8.30PM 6/6 6.45-8.30PM
U17 GIRLS 2001 6/7 5-6.45PM 6/8 5-6.45PM
U18 BOYS 2000 6/5 6.45-8.30PM 6/6 6.45-8.30PM
U18 GIRLS 2000 6/7 5-6.45PM 6/8 5-6.45PM
U19 BOYS 1999 6/5 6.45-8.30PM 6/6 6.45-8.30PM
U19 GIRLS 1999 6/7 5-6.45PM 6/8 5-6.45PM

Choose Illinois Fire Jnrs

Illinois Fire Jnrs (Formerly (Illinois Fusion) is the premier youth soccer club in Central Illinois. 

The Fire Juniors is the official youth club affiliate of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club. Key features include:

Fire Juniors are supported by a professional MLS structure while maintaining a local focus that meets the needs of youth players in the community. As part of the Chicago Fire Player Development Program, Fire Juniors players (boys and girls) have access to unparalleled opportunities for soccer development.

INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED PLAYER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS FOR BOYS & GIRLS: The dual ‘premier’ and ‘select’ programming gives youth players an opportunity to be placed in the right environment to maximize their individual player development potential.

BE PART OF A NATIONAL NETWORK OF MLS YOUTH SOCCER CLUBS AND TOURNAMENTS: The Fire Juniors network includes youth soccer clubs in North, South, City and West Chicago, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana and Florida. 

Please Read

Please be sure to read the parents handbook below and visit the links and PDF files listed for full details on our programs. If you have questions. Please be sure to let us know.

Academy Page

Click the link for full details on our U8 & U9 Academy Boys & Girls program

Matt Chapman-NCHS Varsity Coach

Illinois Fusion does an excellent job of preparing players in every way for competitive soccer.  As a high school coach, I know that my players who have been part of Fusion will be well-prepared not just as soccer players but as people, too.  The Fusion experience consistently develops young people who are skilled, creative, hard-nosed soccer players who also know how to enjoy the game and their teammates.  Fusion players also tend to be versatile and knowledgeable about a variety of tactics and styles of play.  Members of the Fusion coaching staff are experienced and caring who will work extremely hard to develop all-around great players, as well as assisting in developing great people.  I highly recommend Illinois Fusion for anyone interested in developing as a competitive soccer player.       

Brian Pelton-Former NCHS Varsity Coach

Illinois Fusion is a quality organization for players to better themselves as individual players and as a part of a team environment.  Fusion does a good job of providing a positive atmosphere that promotes creative and expressive play while learning to play as a part of the team.  As a high school coach I know I will get players with a good understanding of the demands of the game and the tactics required to be successful.


Tony Bauman-Former Bloomington Varsity Coach

The Illinois Fusion Soccer Association does an outstanding job at preparing young soccer players to excel at the high school level.   As a high school coach, I always look forward to getting players that have experience playing with IL Fusion teams. Fusion works hard to make sure that players have qualified coaches and are challenged with appropriate levels of competition during training activities and game play.  This can have a huge impact on a player’s individual development.  If your son or daughter is looking to make a bigger commitment to learning soccer, I recommend the Illinois Fusion Soccer Association.

Jeremy Stanton-U High Varsity Coach

As the U-High varsity soccer coach, it’s very important to have players continue to train, grow as players and compete during the off season.  The Illinois Fusion program gives a great outlet for this.  They have knowledgeable and experienced coaches that are dedicated to the game of soccer that will help your son or daughter improve their game in a fun but competitive environment.

Craig Lee-Bloomington High Varsity Coach

"Illinois Fusion's philosophy of player development has consistenly turned out players who are creative, adaptable, solid on the ball, and tactically versatile.  As a high school coach, these are the kind of players I want entering my program. Players who can excel in multiple positions, playing in any style required by the intensity of varsity competition.  The Fusion philosophy is not only good for the school programs, but it is also good for the individual players who must battle for a place in the line up."

PCSL Refund

PCSL Refund Policy

Fall 2017- Spring 2018

Once a player is registered, $20 of the player fee is non-refundable.  Late Registration fees are also non-refundable.  If a player cancels before August 1, 2017, the maximum refund will be $75.

No refunds are issued under any circumstances after August 1, 2017 when teams are formed.

The PCSL board and staff take great care in organizing teams, but cannot guarantee:

  • The specific coach, team or teammate desired or with previously
  • Practices scheduled on days that don’t interfere with other activities

Refund requests following these guidelines should be made in writing to League@pcslsoccer.org.  Please allow up to 30 days for processing.



Please Watch

Please watch the video to the left. It explains in detail the structural changes that happened to our sport last year. Please note that the age group changes to Birth year is a Mandate by US Soccer our governing body. This change effects all clubs in the country. This is not something proposed by Illinois Fire Jnrs. All clubs must follow this mandate, regardless of where they are based. The video below is the official announcment from US Soccer, which describes the rationale behind it.