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American Outlaws Bloomington Normal Chapter

American Outlaws & Illinois Fusion Partnership- DEVELOPING AMERICA'S SOCCER FUTURE!

Illinois Fusion is pleased to announce our new partnership with the Bloomington Normal Chapter of the American Outlaws (AO).


Nationally, AO supports the USA Men's National Team (USMNT) and USA Women's National Team (USWNT) by attending games or watching match games at sponsoring locations if they can't attend in person. Locally, they meet at Pub2 for all USMNT games and also support local soccer through their adult teams and more. Membership is $25 a year and comes with a host of benefits, but you don't have to be a member to join them for a game, events or our team. At our most basic level, they are here to support and grow soccer locally.


Illinois Fusion and The American Outlaws share a common passion for the game of soccer and promoting and growing the sport in our county, region, state and local area. We are committed to working together and our partnership will see us achieve some great things for the local Bloomington Normal soccer community:


-Promoting the game of soccer
-Supporting the USMNT & USWNT
-Providing Scholarships for local players
-Growing the local Bloomington Normal Chapter of the AmericanOutlaws
-Helping grow the game at the youth and adult level in Bloomington//Normal
-Giving back to the local soccer community through volunteering, coaching etc.
-Promoting American OutlawsMerchandise 
-Hosting USMNT, USWNT, World Cup and other special soccer events
-Road trips to Chicago Fire, Chicago Red Star, USMNT & USWNT Games
-Getting people excited about the greatest game on earth!!


"The American Outlaws Bloomington-Normal Chapter are extremely excited with this partnership!  As a group, we support the US National Soccer Teams through a unified and dedicated group of supporters.  Organization is a critical aspect to creating a unified culture of soccer fans.  We believe this is a perfect match to help promote the World Cup and carry the momentum  to grow soccer at the local level.    We look forward to working with the Fusion in order to reach our goals!"

Eric Vogel-President  AO Blo-No


"I am extremely excited to be partnering with the Bloomington Normal Chapter of the American Outlaws. The American Outlaws are a fantastic group of people who share the same passion for soccer as Illinois Fusion. Illinois Fusion is very much looking forward to this exciting new partnership which will be sure to help grow the sport in our local community and increase the excitement for the game of soccer and our men's and women's National teams."

Myron King-Director of Coaching-Illinois Fusion


You can follow updates for the chapter and our team on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/aobloomingtonnormal) or Twitter or you learn more about AO on our website (http://aoblono.weebly.com/).