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Craig Plattner

Quick Facts

Name: Craig Plattner

Home Town: Bloomington, IL

Currently Resides: Normal, IL

College: Lincoln Collge

Playing Exp:Started at age 5 with PCSL, joined BNSC at 12, played 4 years varsity at U High. 2 yrs college at Lincoln
Likes Most about Soccer-Its all about teamwork. Soccer requires a team to all be on the same page. You dont have to be the biggest, strongest, fastest player. If you have a strong foundation of tactical/technical skills as a team, success is right around the corner.

Favorite Soccer Player:Marco Van Basten, 3 times European footballer of the year. he's one of the greatest strikers the sport has ever seen. Capable of scoring with both feet, while also have excellent vision and distribution.

Coaching Philosophy: Work hard/Train hard. Kids should want to play soccer because they want to, not because they feel forced. Create an envrinoment of fun where the players learn team chemistry, technical skills, and confidence skills, and what will translate to their lived on and off the field.