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Paul Himmell

Quick Facts

Hometown: Bourbonnais, Illinois

Currently resides in: Downs, Illinois

College: University of Missouri - Rolla

Coaching License:  E License

Playing Experience: I began playing soccer when I was 5 years old with local soccer clubs in my area. I played high school soccer at BBCHS where I was a Varsity player for 3 years. In College, I actually played rugby for the school, but played in the recreational soccer league all 4 years.  After college I continued to play in recreational indoor soccer for 3 years

My positions were defense and midfield.

Like most about soccer: Creativity.  All players a taught a tool box of technical skills and tactics, but really what they do with them in the moment makes the sport truly the beautiful game.  The ability to improvise within a situation I believe transcends the sport.

Favorite Soccer Player: Michael Ballack.  While playing for several clubs, I really enjoyed his world cup performances with Germany.  My opinion he was a complete midfielder with great offensive vision and tremendous defensive ability.

Coaching Philosophy: My goal is to provide a safe, fun environment where all players are given an opportunity to develop technical skills and learn tactics.  I focus on player centered training to teamwork within a competitive environment.  For younger age players


The main focus of each practice will be to have each player to have as many touches of the ball as possible.  I believe by having the player learn the skill by doing is more effective at this age then through demonstration only, which is more effective at older ages. 


I also encourage goal setting for each player and have them focus on celebrating the incremental improvements over the ultimate goal.  This encourages a determination to achieve and get better and hopefully prevents burning out.  After all, we are here to have fun and enjoy this beautiful game.

Other Information: This is my first year of coaching soccer and I look forward to working with the club, parents, and players to have a successful season.