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Jim Robinson

Fast Facts

Hometown: Grew up in Southeast, Wisconsin

Currently resides in: Bloomington, Illinois

College: University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh

Coaching License:  E License

Playing Experience:  I began playing soccer when I was 4 years old with Sheboygan Area Youth Soccer Organization (SAYSO). I played high school soccer at West Bend East where I was a Varsity player for 3 years playing primarily the 2, 3, and 6 positions.  I also played goalkeeper for a short time.  In college I ran track, but picked back up with soccer after graduation playing in various city leagues/teams and still play today.

Like most about soccer:  Everything!  Though two items stand out above all others.  Frist, I really enjoy the strategic aspect of soccer.  Starting from player selection, to formation, and attacking/defending methods, and when the team needs to peak during the season.  It’s a thrill when the team rallies around and plays to the best of their ability around a game plan they believe in.  Secondly, there is nothing better than coaching /demonstrating a new skill or concept, having the players work hard to understand and execute it and then watch them successfully implement it in a game.

Favorite Soccer Player:  I most admire those players who work the hardest, much like N'Golo Kante.  Players like Kante demonstrate that they believe in themselves and strive to be the best player they can be with the athletic gifts and intelligence they’ve been given.  Those who are willing to (safely) push themselves past what many see as a stopping point. 

Coaching Philosophy:  Try new things and have fun doing so.  Embrace failure when learning new skills so players are likely to try again… and again. Next help each individual on the team believe in themselves, their improving skills, and in the team.  I encourage having individual and team goals to ensure everyone is focused and moving in the same direction, perhaps winning a certain tournament, or stringing together a couple passes followed with a solid shot on goal. I don’t focus solely on wins and losses at the younger ages.  Lastly, I try to create a supportive environment for the players to learn about each other and build lasting connections with each other on and off the pitch.

Other Information:  If the players look back periodically and think to themselves that they’re surprised that they’ve come this far, further than they ever expected, then we’ve done our jobs as coaches.