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Illinois Fusion Club Principles

We believe . . .

  1. player development to be our first priority in accordance with USSF, AYSO, and NSCAA guidelines, and will be age and skill appropriate. We will not sacrifice player development for a team victory: Winning an athletic contest is at best a secondary goal of youth sports.
  2. it is our objective to provide a complete range of soccer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities, including challenged players, beginning players, advanced players, coaches and referees regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, ability, or economic status.
  3. we should instill a life-long love of the game of soccer within each player so that every player will want to return the following season.
  4. we should provide educational and professional opportunities for the entire soccer community through player camps and clinics, parent education, referee education, and coach’s licensing and certification.
  5. we must hold a commitment to the highest standards of ethical conduct, positive coaching, and sportsmanship. We will encourage players and parents to respect coaches, trainers, opponents, and officials, and will win and lose graciously.
  6. it is the duty of all to recognize that we serve the children by providing experiences enabling each of them to grow, learn, mature and succeed as adults by becoming productive members of society. We must enable children to build positive character traits by learning to work together as a team, form lasting relationships, obtain skills necessary to succeed in school, and avoid exposure and participation in negative influences.
  7. our players need breaks from soccer and will be encouraged to participate in other activities during the off-season. We will provide opportunities for interested players to be involved in year-round play if they desire. We acknowledge that youth sports are a supplement to, and not a substitute for, achievement in school; and that educational opportunity and educational achievement is more important than youth sports.
  8. all individuals involved in youth sports have a personal obligation to be honest and forthright with all players, parents, guardians, and others involved in providing soccer opportunities to youth.
  9. the recreational soccer experience is the foundation of our program, because it’s essentially the first soccer experience for most players. It’s also the program where most players will remain for their whole playing career.