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Myron King

Myron King

Director of Coaching

Coaching License(s)
USSF 'A' License
UEFA B License    
IFA Prelim
USSF 'National Youth' License                     
NSCAA Director of Coaching Diploma



Fast Facts:

Hometown:  Bangor, Northern Ireland

Currently Resides:  Bloomington

Coaching License:See Bio

Playing Experience: 20 years of amatuer adult play for Northen Ireland and USA Based teams.

Favorite Soccer Player and Why:  Gazza (Paul Gascoigne) Colorful gifted player made the game great to watch. 

Coaching Philosophy:  Player Centric. The Game is the best teacher. Not one size fits all a coach should adjust their teaching based on the needs of the players and team.

Current Teams

Myron King

Phone: 309-807-7870