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Illinois Fire Juniors Academy

Fall 2017 Spring 2018

Registered yet for Fall 2017 Spring 2018 

This year we are accepting players who were born 2009 & 2010

We take players year round, as long as we have space.

Missed the tryout? Dont worry, we still have space. Contact

Myron.king@illinoisfusion.com 309-807-7870

New Fee for Under 8s. $175 for the whole year.
Same Fee for Under 9s $350 for the whole year.

Quick Facts

Seasons-August-November & March-June - ~24 weeks of soccer
Practice-Twice per week on Monday's & Thursday's
Technical Training-Optional (Wednesday nights)
Goalkeeping Training-For those who express an interest
Games-Every weekend (mainly on Sunday's) with all games in Central Illinois
Coaches-Licensed professional staff - small coach to player ratio
Training-Appropriate training for U8 & U9 Boys and Girls
For-Players interested in a more comprehesive, competitive soccer environment
Player Reports-Individual player reports for every player
Fees-Both seasons $350 Under 9s

New Fee for U8s- Both Seasons $175



Chrissy Mora and Sarah Cisco

Club Administrators

Myron King

Director of Coaching

Phone: 309-807-7870


The Illinois Fusion Academy is designed with the latest youth development research from across the globe in mind.  Our professional staff strives to create a positive environment where boys and girls can learn and experiment with new soccer skills in various activities and competitive match settings.

We accept new Academy players throughout the season.  Please contact us for further information on how to get your player registered at admin@illinoisfusion.com



Academy players will train twice a week for 1 hour and 30 minutes each session.  Training will focus on teaching players the correct techniques to perform individual skills (dribbling, passing, shooting).  Activities are designed to challenge the players to improve by allowing them to compete at a level appropriate for each player. In addition, we offer one optional Technical Training session per week too


Academy players will have a variety of opportunities to test their skills in competition.  Illinois Fusion is part of the Central Illinois Youth Soccer League and will compete with teams in the league for both Friendlies and Festivals.  CIYSL members include cities like: Peoria, Springfield, Champaign, and Decatur.  Here is a further description of the types of competition in which Academy players will participate:

Festivals - Three to four times a season, Academy players will play against other multiple CIYSL clubs for 2 games on a Sunday afternoon.  Games will be 4v4 or 7v7 for 25 minute halves.  Teams are split by gender. 

Friendlies - Players are divided into teams to play against another CIYSL club.  Game format can be decided between the two clubs, but will not be bigger than 7v7.

Tournament - Players are divided into teams to compete for at least 3 games over the course of a weekend.  Our first choice tournament will be the Illinois Fusion Spring Shootout, but other options may be considered.
We normally offer one additional tournament in the fall and one additional tournament in the spring

Play Days - On weekends void of other competition, coaches may arrange a time when players can come to fields to play pick-up games amongst themselves.  This is often one of the most enjoyed forms of competition we offer!

We will have a parent meeting in the Fall/Spring to go over all the information you need.