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Andrew Hunt

Fast Facts:

Hometown: Littleton, CO

USSF National “E” License

Coaching Experience:
Putnam County Panthers - U8,U10,U12
Prairie Cities Soccer League – U6,U7 Boys, U6 Girls
Illinois Fusion  - U8/U9 Academy Director, U10,U11 Boys, U8/U9 Girls

Current Teams: U11 Boys Black and U8/U9 Academy Coach

As a player I had the fortune of playing soccer in other parts of the world and against teams from many different countries.  I have played matches on Fiji against opponents with no shoes, in Australia and New Zealand where comradery was more important than the final score, and in pick-up games in a park in Costa Rica with locals who needed a few more players.  I have played against teams from Russia, Nigeria, Mexico and Guatemala to name a few.  And I have been fortunate to have hosted coaches from England and Brazil in my home.  Soccer is a wonderful way to relate to, and learn from others, as it is a common denominator for so many cultures in the world.

It is truly a beautiful game when we can achieve joy in playing it.  And as a coach, when we can unearth it’s lessons of teamwork, creativity, sportsmanship, and determination with our players, we have achieved something important.  That is what I strive for as a coach, and this is what the game of soccer offers all of us.


Current Teams

Boys Academy Director