Staff Information

Illinois Fusion is committed to providing the top level of professional coaching to our players and as such we have assembled the finest staff in Central Illinois. We strive to provide our players with coaches that are not only experienced players, but also professionally licensed through the USSF and/or NSCAA.

Illinois Fusion takes great pride in assembling a coaching staff, both part time and full time, that is committed to the player development process.

Illinois Fusion has put together one of the most qualified coaching staffs not only in Illinois, but of any youth soccer club in the country. Because of their infrastructure, player development philosophy and commitment to support our programs, Illinois Fusion has earned the seal of approval from the Illinois Youth Soccer Association to become an Olympic Development Program designated club.

Matt Chapman-NCHS Varsity Coach

Illinois Fusion does an excellent job of preparing players in every way for competitive soccer. As a high school coach, I know that my players who have been part of Fusion will be well-prepared not just as soccer players but as people, too. The Fusion experience consistently develops young people who are skilled, creative, hard-nosed soccer players who also know how to enjoy the game and their teammates. Fusion players also tend to be versatile and knowledgeable about a variety of tactics and styles of play. Members of the Fusion coaching staff are experienced and caring who will work extremely hard to develop all-around great players, as well as assisting in developing great people. I highly recommend Illinois Fusion for anyone interested in developing as a competitive soccer player.

Brian Pelton-NCHS Varsity Coach

Illinois Fusion is a quality organization for players to better themselves as individual players and as a part of a team environment. Fusion does a good job of providing a positive atmosphere that promotes creative and expressive play while learning to play as a part of the team. As a high school coach I know I will get players with a good understanding of the demands of the game and the tactics required to be successful.

Tony Bauman-Bloomington Varsity Coach

The Illinois Fusion Soccer Association does an outstanding job at preparing young soccer players to excel at the high school level. As a high school coach, I always look forward to getting players that have experience playing with IL Fusion teams. Fusion works hard to make sure that players have qualified coaches and are challenged with appropriate levels of competition during training activities and game play. This can have a huge impact on a player’s individual development. If your son or daughter is looking to make a bigger commitment to learning soccer, I recommend the Illinois Fusion Soccer Association.

Jeremy Stanton-U High Varsity Coach

As the U-High varsity soccer coach, it’s very important to have players continue to train, grow as players and compete during the off season. The Illinois Fusion program gives a great outlet for this. They have knowledgeable and experienced coaches that are dedicated to the game of soccer that will help your son or daughter improve their game in a fun but competitive environment.

Craig Lee-Bloomington High Varsity Coach

“Illinois Fusion’s philosophy of player development has consistently turned out players who are creative, adaptable, solid on the ball, and tactically versatile. As a high school coach, these are the kind of players I want entering my program. Players who can excel in multiple positions, playing in any style required by the intensity of varsity competition. The Fusion philosophy is not only good for the school programs, but it is also good for the individual players who must battle for a place in the line up.”