New Soccer Complex & Community Center

We need your help. Your voice and your children are important and needed.

Please take a moment of your time to make a phone call or send a note by June 30, 2013!

As many of you already know, it was announced Community Fields would no longer be available for use within the next five years. These fields are the home to Prairie City Soccer League (PCSL), Illinois Fusion Soccer Association, high school soccer games, and tournaments. This will leave thousands of youth soccer players in our community without a place to play.

Without a place to play, youth soccer as we have known it in the Bloomington-Normal community will no longer exist. Knowing this, many individuals in our community have spent countless hours to find a solution and create a new place to play.

The result of their hard work is a proposal for an amazing, state-of-the art new Soccer Complex and Community Center.

While a solution has been proposed and put forth, the new Soccer Complex and Community Center will not be a reality without your help. The Bloomington and Normal Councils will not approve the proposal if they feel there is not a community need for it. It is critical the voice of the soccer community be heard! The Soccer Complex and Community Center proposal will be taken to the councils in the next few months. It is imperative the council members know the need exists before the presentations are made and the votes are cast.

Helping to support the new Soccer Complex and Community Center and give our soccer players a place to play is easier than you think. A few emails, letters and/or phone calls from you and your players can make all the difference. We have put together a How Can I Help packet with four simple steps, and any contact information you might need.

Thank you in advance for helping to give the youth of Bloomington-Normal a new amazing place to play!

Brenda Seger
President – Illinois Fusion Soccer Association